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UK Interest Rates Are Putting Off Savers

1 Apr , 2015  

UK interest rates are unlikely to be raised anytime soon, meaning that they remain historically low.

It seems with five short weeks until the general election, one thing will remain the same regardless of the resulting vote: UK interest rates are unlikely to be raised in the first year by any party. The prediction is that the base rate will stay at its current level of 0.5pc for at least the […]

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Is property a sound investment?

27 Nov , 2014  

A question that I often face as a financial advisor is, “would I be better putting my money into property?” The answer is, that it very much depends on your personal circumstances and you should sit down with an advisor to discuss those circumstances in full. As a general rule of thumb, if you are […]

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Wills and Inheritance Changes in the UK

23 Sep , 2014  

Estate Planning

There are some big changes looming for the rules surrounding inheritance in the UK. From the 1st October 2014, these changes will come in to force. If you have assets in the UK these changes may affect you. The moral of this story, is please ensure that you have an up to date will in […]

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