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Searching for Value, From Pigs to Property!

13 Apr , 2015  

Business Man Upward trend-min

Many may think that successful investment managers are nothing but gamblers, sharks, charlatans, cowboys and crooks. These are individuals who use the concept of the “market” as an imaginary platform to showcase their so-called “skills”. Although one will come across the odd con-man, both on Wall Street and in Southeast Asia, who will have you […]

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Analysis, Financial Planning, Market Watch

Eurozone Not Viable

9 Mar , 2015  

London Great Britain

One of the UK’s most successful fund managers has warned that the eurozone is not viable in its current form. Neil Woodford, who set up his own investment fund last year, said that the concept of treating Greece like Germany was “fundamentally flawed”. In addition, Mr. Woodford said that continuing uncertainty over Britain’s EU membership […]

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