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UK General Election 2015

7 May , 2015  

UK-min election

At 07:00 BST approximately 50,000 polling stations will open across the UK so that millions of people can cast their votes in the general election. [FULL LIVE COVERAGE ON THE BBC] FACTS: In total 650 MPs will be voted into Westminster. 50 million people are registered to vote. In addition to the general election, there […]

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NHS Gets Tough on British Expats

6 May , 2015  

NHS Gets Tough

The NHS just got much stricter for expats returning home to make the most of free healthcare and patients should expect to be asked questions about their residence status in the UK. From the 6th April, any expat that resides outside of Europe that returns home for health treatment must have sufficient insurance or pay […]

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Maximising Your Currency Options

5 May , 2015  

Exchange rates

Sterling has been one of the best performing currencies so far this year, recently hitting a seven-year high against the Euro, and powering ahead against the Australian and Canadian dollars. Consequently, expats are keen to ensure that they do not miss out, and thankfully there are some new products on the market that can help […]

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No Place to Hide for Expat Tax Evaders

4 May , 2015  

Tax Evasion

Within the next two years, almost 100 governments around the world will be exchanging information about bank accounts. Loopholes have rapidly begun to close for expat tax dodgers, and they are running out of places to hide. At present, if tax authorities suspect people of tax evasion and want details about their finances, they have […]

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Searching for Value, From Pigs to Property!

13 Apr , 2015  

Business Man Upward trend-min

Many may think that successful investment managers are nothing but gamblers, sharks, charlatans, cowboys and crooks. These are individuals who use the concept of the “market” as an imaginary platform to showcase their so-called “skills”. Although one will come across the odd con-man, both on Wall Street and in Southeast Asia, who will have you […]

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Business Events in Review from TWM

9 Apr , 2015  

Worldwide Business Events

March 1st- 7th • In a big victory for the City of London, a court in the European Union overturned a decision by the European Central Bank that would have forced clearing houses to relocate their euro-denominated business to within the euro zone. • Actavis, a drugs company, issued $21 billion in bonds, making it […]


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Political Events in Review from TWM

8 Apr , 2015  

Political Events in Review

March 1st – 7th • Thousands of Russians attended the funeral of Boris Nemtsov, an opposition politician who was murdered in Moscow two days before he was due to take part in a rally to protest against the war in Ukraine. • The leader of Turkey’s Kurdish rebels, Abdullah Ocalan, called on his Kurdistan Workers’ Party […]

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“It is a truly scary time”

17 Mar , 2015  

Market Fears

One hedge fund manager who correctly predicted the last financial crisis has warned that he is seeing parallels in today’s market. In an internal memo, Andy Redleaf, the CEO of Whitebox Advisors, said that “[he thinks] it is a truly scary time”. Whitebox Advisors is a $4.2 billion hedge and mutual fund. In the same […]

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European Banks Fail Stress Tests

12 Mar , 2015  

Success Text

American banks pass their “stress tests” whilst European banks fail. The stress test review, carried out by the Federal Reserve, is designed to gauge whether the biggest banks operating in the US have the “ability to lend to households and businesses even in times of stress”. In other words, to test how prepared they are […]

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Eurozone Not Viable

9 Mar , 2015  

London Great Britain

One of the UK’s most successful fund managers has warned that the eurozone is not viable in its current form. Neil Woodford, who set up his own investment fund last year, said that the concept of treating Greece like Germany was “fundamentally flawed”. In addition, Mr. Woodford said that continuing uncertainty over Britain’s EU membership […]

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Eurozone Growth Forecast Increased

6 Mar , 2015  

Euro Money

There is good news coming out of Europe for a change as The European Central Bank has raised this year’s growth forecast for the Eurozone. The growth forecast has grown from 1% to 1.5% for the year ahead. The ECB has also said that it will begin its quantitative easing programme next week that was […]

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US Growth Slower Than First Thought

2 Mar , 2015  

American Economy

The US economy slowed down more than first thought at the end of 2014 according to revised official figures. The Commerce Department initially estimated growth at 2.6% between October and December but the most recent estimate is that the world’s largest economy grew at an annual pace of 2.2% during that period. The revised figure […]