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Women: Better educated, but paid less

19 Dec , 2014  

Having attended the final Network Girls HCMC event of the year last night, I was reminded what a wonderful experience it is to a professional woman working overseas.

It is an honour and privilege to have had a good education, and be able to travel freely around the world because of it. I perhaps take for granted the fact that I am able to call male peers equals, but I was lucky enough to be born into a society where that is supposed to be the case.

However, it seems that whilst females in Europe are much better educated than their male counterparts, they are still paid considerably less, according to the International Labour Company in research published earlier this month.

The sex pay gap in Europe varies from 100 euros (£79) to 700 euros (£548) each month, the ILO confirmed.

In the UK, ladies make approximately 28% less compared to males generally, and they are not alone. Across the world that pay gap cannot be explained, suggesting that there is some level of discrimination.

In Europe in 2010, the lowest-earning 10% of female employees gained approximately 100 euros less than the lowest-earning 10% of males each month. Also the highest-earning 10% of ladies gained nearly 700 euros each month less than the leading 10% of males.

boy v girl

Ladies in the UK make on average 28% less then their male counterparts.

The ILO looked at education, experience, seniority, work sector, location and work intensity. It discovered that across half of the nations researched around the globe females had a much better combination of those attributes, yet were paid significantly much less compared to men.

The ILO suggested a variety of means to get over the distinction in pay in between ladies as well as men, consisting of wage plans and also equality regulations.

Perhaps the moral of this story is just that the glass ceiling still exists, or perhaps it is simply that as independent women working our way around the globe, we should support each other and encourage one another to succeed so that one day that glass ceiling begins to crack under the strength of us all pushing on it.

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