Analysis, Financial Planning

Women: Better educated, but paid less

19 Dec , 2014  


Having attended the final Network Girls HCMC event of the year last night, I was reminded what a wonderful experience it is to a professional woman working overseas. It is an honour and privilege to have had a good education, and be able to travel freely around the world because of it. I perhaps take […]

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Market Watch

Crisis For UK Oil Industry

18 Dec , 2014   Video

“Close to collapse” is how one industry leader described the UK’s oil industry. Oil companies and service providers are cutting staff and investment to save money. With oil prices currently below $60 a barrel, and with no price rise in sight, it seems that projects in the North Sea are struggling to make a profit. […]

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Market Watch

Wages On The Rise In The UK

18 Dec , 2014  

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has indicated that wage growth in the UK is picking up. Average earnings between August and October were up 1.6% on the year before, excluding bonuses. Including bonuses, they were up by 1.4%. This is the first time in six years that both figures have been above the rate […]

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The Queen urges voters to think “carefully”

16 Sep , 2014  

Scottish Referendum

The Queen has broken her silence on the potential break-up of the United Kingdom just four days before the polls open. In an unusual move for a member of the Royal family, the Queen said that voters should think “very carefully about the future” before casting their vote on Thursday in the historical referendum vote. […]

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