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Owning Property vs Regular Saving

14 Jul , 2015  

Property Purchasing for Retirement

Have you ever heard the term, “safe as houses”? This is exactly how many would describe their attitude towards property investment. That it’s the safest haven for your money, and an appropriate platform to shelter long-term savings. To be fair, property can often be a fantastic investment. Owning large quantities of property, mortgage free, in […]

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UK Pension Rule Changes

10 Jun , 2015  

UK Pension Changes, Retirement Planning, British Pensions

UK pension rule changes will have a big affect on expats retiring abroad, but not all is lost, as there are still options available. As you know, pensions in underfunded public schemes, such as teachers, police, NHS, and the military are now prevented from transferring their pension pots overseas. This means that anyone retiring abroad […]

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New State Pension in UK Means Only 45% Will Get Full Amount

13 Jan , 2015  

UK Retirement-min

UK government figures show that in the first five years of the new, flat-rate state pension system, only 45% of pensioners will be fully entitled. The new, simplified, ‘fairer’ state pension system will see a single payment of about £150 made to new pensioners from April next year. It applies to new pensioners from April […]

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Women Need To Plan Better

19 Dec , 2014  


I never thought that I would find myself saying this. What with all of the women I know being excellent in the day to day management of their lives and whatever that entails. Often a woman’s life will include the management of full time work, partner, two point four children, pets, elderly relatives, housework (or at […]

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Women: Better educated, but paid less

19 Dec , 2014  


Having attended the final Network Girls HCMC event of the year last night, I was reminded what a wonderful experience it is to a professional woman working overseas. It is an honour and privilege to have had a good education, and be able to travel freely around the world because of it. I perhaps take […]

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If you live abroad, why give your pension to the UK tax man?

15 Dec , 2014  

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My Future Retirement, and How The UK Looks

12 Dec , 2014  

I don’t know about you, but after a long week of watching the markets and discussing people’s futures, I find it hard not to dream about my own retirement. The golden age. Time to put my feet up and live the life that I have always dreamed of. Sadly, not one part of that dream […]

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Pensions Under Pressure Because of Slow Economic Growth

11 Dec , 2014  

Faltering economic growth and low investment returns are increasing the pressure on pension systems in developed countries in a fresh warning from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. We already have a problem with an ageing population, but that is being compounded by low investment returns, which is in part, due to low interest […]

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Where will you be?

8 Dec , 2014  

The graphic story of 100 young people, currently aged 25 years old. Forty years later, this is what awaits them at retirement age.  FYI: 93% of those who live to retirement age will be dependent on friends, relatives, and charity! So maybe the question should be, where do you want to be?

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Is property a sound investment?

27 Nov , 2014  

A question that I often face as a financial advisor is, “would I be better putting my money into property?” The answer is, that it very much depends on your personal circumstances and you should sit down with an advisor to discuss those circumstances in full. As a general rule of thumb, if you are […]

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[Infographic] The Retirement Outlook in the UK

13 Nov , 2014  

Retirement always feels like a long way off, but how many of us daydream about what we might do when we reach that golden age? Whilst we might dream about what we could do in our retirement, how many of us think about, or plan for, how we might pay for that lifestyle once we […]

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Average Private Pension will run out in 5 years! [Part 3]

30 Oct , 2014  

The Gaps According to new figures from financial services company True Potential, savers in the UK have added an average of £2,671.60 towards their pension pots of the last 12 months. That may sound like a substantial amount, but the truth is that over twenty years of retirement saving, that would only provide £6,011 a […]

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