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No Place to Hide for Expat Tax Evaders

4 May , 2015  

Tax Evasion

Within the next two years, almost 100 governments around the world will be exchanging information about bank accounts. Loopholes have rapidly begun to close for expat tax dodgers, and they are running out of places to hide. At present, if tax authorities suspect people of tax evasion and want details about their finances, they have […]

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Political Events in Review from TWM

8 Apr , 2015  

Political Events in Review

March 1st – 7th • Thousands of Russians attended the funeral of Boris Nemtsov, an opposition politician who was murdered in Moscow two days before he was due to take part in a rally to protest against the war in Ukraine. • The leader of Turkey’s Kurdish rebels, Abdullah Ocalan, called on his Kurdistan Workers’ Party […]

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23 Feb , 2015  


A recent portfolio review for a client led a very interesting discussion. My client has small part of his investment flowing into an energy fund. Though the fund is all encompassing (from fossil burning to wind farms), the recent and dramatic changes in the price of a barrel of oil has impacted the funds value […]

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