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UK Interest Rates Are Putting Off Savers

1 Apr , 2015  

UK interest rates are unlikely to be raised anytime soon, meaning that they remain historically low.

It seems with five short weeks until the general election, one thing will remain the same regardless of the resulting vote: UK interest rates are unlikely to be raised in the first year by any party. The prediction is that the base rate will stay at its current level of 0.5pc for at least the […]

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Growth Prediction Cut by World Bank

14 Jan , 2015  

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The forecast for global growth has been cut by The World Bank as it warns that the US cannot drive economic recovery alone. In June, the bank forecast 3.4% growth this year and 3.5% next year, however they have revised those figures in the latest report to 3% for this year and 3.3% next year. […]

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Swiss Banks To Introduce Negative Interest Rates

19 Dec , 2014  

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Switzerland, the world’s safe haven, will bring in a negative interest rate in an attempt to cut the value of large sums of money left in the country. Switzerland’s National Bank (SNB) is imposing a rate of minus 0.25% on “sight deposits” – a form of instant access account which contains more than 10m Swiss […]

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12 Year Low for UK Inflation

17 Dec , 2014  

UK inflation is down to a 12-year low as a result of sinking fuel prices according to official statistics. An “early Christmas present” for consumers as the Consumer Price index measured inflation at 1% in November, having been at 1.3% in October. The Retail Prices Index fell to a five-year low of 2% down from […]

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Interest Rates Rise in Russia

12 Dec , 2014  

In an effort to tackle inflation, Russia’s central bank has raised its interest rate to 10.5%, just six weeks after it raised the rate to 9.5% from 8%. The bank’s official website has also stated that it won’t stop there, confirming that it would continue raising the rate “in case of further aggravation of inflation […]

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Pensions Under Pressure Because of Slow Economic Growth

11 Dec , 2014  

Faltering economic growth and low investment returns are increasing the pressure on pension systems in developed countries in a fresh warning from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. We already have a problem with an ageing population, but that is being compounded by low investment returns, which is in part, due to low interest […]

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BoE says Mortgage Holders Could Cope with Rise in Interest Rates

9 Dec , 2014  

Headline reads: The majority of people with mortgages could cope with a rise in interest rates, the Bank of England has said. Small print reads: The assumption above is based on a 10% rise in household incomes. According to the Bank’s annual survey of household finances, just 4% of mortgage holders would need to take […]

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UK Interest held back again!

8 Dec , 2014  

UK interest rates have been held at 0.5 % for another month by the Bank of England. Additionally, it chose to preserve its quantitative easing programme, created to promote financing in the economy, at the £375bn current rate. The Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee has actually held prices at 0.5 % considering that March 2009 to […]

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