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Prove you’re alive or lose state pension

25 Mar , 2015  

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Words of warning for British Expats; if you don’t want to lose your state pension, then you need to act. It is more than 100 years since David Lloyd George first oversaw the introduction of the state pension. At the time, he probably did not anticipate so many British pensioners choosing to live abroad. Equally, […]

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Changes to British Teachers’ Pension

10 Mar , 2015  

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In the UK, there will be changes to Teachers’ Pensions from 1 April 2015. Active members who have been building up benefits since joining, may now be wondering what will happen to them. The idea is that they will continue to be protected, and will remain in the final salary arrangements. However, it should be […]

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Last chance for Civil Service Pensions

4 Feb , 2015   Video

Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension transfers (a.k.a. QROPS) give individuals the ability to transfer frozen pensions out of the UK. They can be massively useful for expats, and for those that intend to retire abroad. From April 2015, anyone with a civil service pension frozen in the UK, will lose this ability due to Government changes. […]


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New State Pension in UK Means Only 45% Will Get Full Amount

13 Jan , 2015  

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UK government figures show that in the first five years of the new, flat-rate state pension system, only 45% of pensioners will be fully entitled. The new, simplified, ‘fairer’ state pension system will see a single payment of about £150 made to new pensioners from April next year. It applies to new pensioners from April […]

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Pensions Under Pressure Because of Slow Economic Growth

11 Dec , 2014  

Faltering economic growth and low investment returns are increasing the pressure on pension systems in developed countries in a fresh warning from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. We already have a problem with an ageing population, but that is being compounded by low investment returns, which is in part, due to low interest […]

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State Pension Close to Extinction

9 Dec , 2014  

One in six MPs believes the state pension will certainly be extinct in 30 years time, a survey has shown. Presently people who get to retirement age with a complete national insurance policy record get £113.10 a week. Cost of the payments is rising as Britain’s population ages, with official numbers revealing the expense will […]


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The end of public sector pension transfers

28 Nov , 2014  

Pension transfers from public sector pension schemes will be banned forever in five months. This means that from April 2015 transfers will no longer be permitted from the following ‘unfunded’ public sector schemes: NHS Teachers Civil Service Police Armed Forces Fire fighters Pension members, who are thinking of moving abroad or who are already living […]

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Average Private Pension will run out in 5 years! [Part 2]

29 Oct , 2014  

What about the State Pension? According to new figures from financial services company True Potential, savers in the UK have added an average of £2,671.60 towards their pension pots of the last 12 months. That may sound like a substantial amount, but the truth is that over twenty years of retirement saving, that would only […]

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UK Pension Update

27 Oct , 2014  

A month ago the UK Chancellor, George Osborne, announced additional amendments to UK pension legislation to take effect from 6th April 2015. Whether you are living abroad, planning to live abroad or you intend to retire in the UK, you will feel the affects of these changes if you have a pension or pensions held […]

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